Making Capital Program Management Simple

A single source of truth - all information in one single place enabling more effective project management control

WebCert Capital Program Management System

Features Overview *

The following details are provided by way of an overview of the WebCert Capital Program Management System developed in conjunction with one of Australia's  privately owned cost and project management firms.  The system was originally developed in close consultation with major clients to deliver the $850Million Build the Education Revolution Program, WebCert is without peer in the construction space.

Now about to be released in its fourth incarnation, WebCert 4 takes the system to a new level of resilience, functionality and strength. 

WebCert is a new generation of Capital Project Management Software providing a cloud based system that is secure, robust and comprehensive suitable for a wide range of applications and user environments.

* Some of the features described below reference certain functionality that may only be found in the new release of WebCert 4 due at the end of 1st quarter 2019.

An API is the mechanism by which developers provide access to shared information and resources and how that information is accessed and presented.

Thy can be used in a wide variety of functions but in our particular case here, it is the means by which we can share data between different systems. For instance, an API exists that allows you to extract data form say, an MS Project file and then insert that data into WebCert.

We already use API's to access the WebCert databases and present that information within WebCert. In time we will provide "public" API interfaces that will allows authorised access to this same data from other systems which have their own API's or that may be custom developed for drawing out WebCert data.

At this stage, such public API's are not available in WebCert but they will be developed in time or upon request.

Obviously, strict controls exist over the use of such API's and the nature of data access provided subject to our internal security protocols.

Whilst WebCert provides a wide range of reports and data queries to assist with management of project details, these may not always satisfy the needs of all clients in all circumstances.

The ability to produce custom queries against the data for your projects, build your own KPI dashboard or write your own report is provided through the Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities of JasperSoft, a leading enterprise level BI tool that provides all the functionality you will need.

WebCert already uses JasperSoft for its own reporting and KPI dashboards. Requests for further customised reports can be either provided directly to clients or our development team can readily build the report for you available to you in your own user portal.

JasperSoft BI Reporting will enable clients to make faster decisions by bringing them timely, actionable data inside WebCert and business processes an an embeddable reporting and analytics platform in WebCert. Unlike traditional BI tools, WebCert's reporting allows clients to easily self-serve and get the answers they need inside WebCert.

Essential to successful management of projects is ensuring that all stakeholders have access to current, accurate and complete data enabling them to make the right decisions. Equally critical is having a "single source of truth" for that data.

Doing away with information held in different systems, applications or spreadsheets, WebCert bring all the information your stakeholders need to access in a fully transparent manner within the one system.

WebCert unites your teams and external consultants, with all stakeholders entering and retrieving information using the same platform. Web search capability provides fast, easy  data retrieval for transparency and accountability across your program.

WebCert provides cost forecasts across all aspects of your project, with automated control over provisional costs and contingency funds. Easily track and produce cashflows, identify risks and issues and control document variations.

WebCert addresses the fundamental questions asked of all major project managers:

  • What is the current budget and forecast?
  • How much has been spent?
  • How much funding is available and how is it being used?
  • What is the status of our commitments?
  • Are we performing efficiently?
  • Where can we make improvements?

Through our API's, developers can write their own custom applications to access the WebCert databases. SUbject to due authorisation, these applications could simply extract data for use in other systems or possibly update information to WebCert. 

Through the API interface, developers don't need to concern themselves with the database structure and control, enabling rapid development of custom applications to make use of the information provide to them.

The WebCert Data Base Management System (DBMS)is delivered through the SQL platform PostgreSQL an enterprise level DBMS. It provides us with the capabilities to store and process all information types securely and efficiently with a platform that is well recognised for its capabilities to deliver our high performance and security.

PostgreSQL, often simply Postgres, is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) with an emphasis on extensibility and standards compliance. It enables WebCert to handle the workloads of a large Internet-facing application with many concurrent users with full security control over different levels of the data model.

As a DBMS, PostgreSQL uses and extends the SQL language combined with many features that safely store and scale the most complicated data workloads.After considering a number of options WebCert have settled on this platform for managing all data requirements for now and into the future.

PostgreSQL has earned a strong reputation for its proven architecture, reliability, data integrity, robust feature set, extensibility, and the dedication of the open source community behind the software to consistently deliver performance and innovative solutions. PostgreSQL runs on all major operating systems, has been ACID-compliant since 2001, and has powerful add-ons such as the popular PostGIS geospatial database extender.

Managing a project is more than just numbers... You need to access the documents that support why the budgets, changes and opinions given are made.

WebCert enables to bring all this documentation into one place where you hold all project information for as long as you need it; including variations, approvals, photographs and any other pertinent documentation.

In each project you can define those documents that are essential for you to reference and ensure that copies are uploaded to the system - no longer do you have to go looking for the information you require or worry about not having access.

By virtue of the fact that documents are linked to the data they relate to, it is easy to locate the collaborating document that substantiates the variation or change in budget.

Project governance as the process of project decision-making within a framework, to ensure coherence between the realizing of project objectives and the processes and resources used in a project. 

WebCert delivers project governance by way of a management system, regulation, relationship, structure and framework so as to support any decision to realize the expected goal in the project.

WebCert provides the framework that enables you to work with whatever project methodology, processes or practices your organisation has adopted to satisfy your project management governance requirements

The WebCert system architecture has been designed to provide a robust, secure and reliable platform that minimises the impact of any system failure on our clients.

All servers are located in the Google Cloud Platform with the master servers located in Australia and fully redundant backup system and data resilience provided through offshore facilities provided through Google's Cloud multi-regional storage services.

The systems have been developed to provide top-level security measures ensuring that client data is protected from any unauthorised access

Control of your projects is critical and the best means to quickly identify likely issues and risks is through the use of KPI's - Key Performance Indicators.

These can take many forms by way of traffic lights (red/amber/green), dial gauges, graphs or simply lists of key data or a combination of the above. Your KPI's serve to draw attention to what is not performing in accordance with allowable expectations so you may quickly identify potential issues and dig deeper into reasons.

No two businesses necessarily use the same KPI's however WebCert has drawn on its extensive experience in major capital project controls to identify the most important KPI's that project managers should be paying attention to for better management of their projects. From these KPI results, staff are able to drill down into the detail that sites behind the KPI result in order to determine the cause of the deviation from expected results and take appropriate action to rectify any potential issue.

No system operates in isolation of the many other systems used in any organisation. These other systems might include ERP systems such as SAP, Project Management Systems or Document Management Systems.

Invariably there is a need to share information between these systems.

Rather than developing complicated applications to access all the different systems, many now provide API interfaces into these proprietary information repositories.

WebCert will ultimately offer "public" API details to allow this of WebCert however at this stage the API's used are only used internally. We will however be developing an API interface or can discuss such with individual clients if a particular need arises.

The heart of WebCert is its reporting capabilities. WebCert has fully integrated the BI Reporting tool, JasperSoft, into our applications for all reporting, dashboards and data queries. This tool will allow end users to run their own custom reports and data queries and exporting them into a variety of formats including but not limited to HTML, PDF, Word, Excel and Open Document Text. Results will be able to be presented as reports or dashboards in tabular, Pivot Table or Graphical format.

WebCert offers complete visibility to all data via integrated variation reports guides which levers to pull in order to achieve budgets; enabling informed executive-level decision making. All adjustments are tracked and audited, with payment certificates generated on completion.

With WebCert you have instant access to project data, with consistent fully-integrated reporting of KPIs across your portfolio. Hierarchical structure allows capital programs to be managed at multiple levels: Individual, Regional and/or total Program. Consolidation of information from multiple projects to a single program is seamless. Built-in tools provide easy exporting any screen report to Excel, CSV, Word and PDF. Reports generated by consultants are consistent; bringing their work in line with your own best practice and expectations.

The upcoming release of WebCert 4 will see the integration of BI reporting with JasperSoft which will be the core of all our new system reports as well as providing clients the ability to develop their own custom reports, queries and dashboards

Webcert is designed from the ground up with the security and protection of your data as a priority. 

This starts with our decision to host our production databases on servers in Sydney and Singapore as part of the Google Cloud Platform which provides both us and you with world class encryption security at the server backed up by fragmented and multi replicated data storage across multiple servers ensuring no single point machine failure will affect your master data.

Application and database layered security using two factor authentication and bank level password encryption further protecting our systems from any form of intrusion. 

A further level of Webcert internal security is applied based on the application functional roles which in real terms manages access down to the form and to the fields on the application screen. 

With Webcert your security and data integrity both have world class protection.      

WebCert is a secure online capital program management system – giving you anytime, anywhere visibility into the cost, time and quality aspects of your program of works.

Uniquely designed for the construction industry, WebCert is a multi-tiered system for clients with a portfolio of projects requiring information consolidation – including collection, analysis and reporting.